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  A:  Pre-1538 Battle and eastern Sussex, Abbots and Kings

B:  Transport: Water, Rail and Road; plus Telecoms

  C:  Agriculture, Industries and Trades

D:  Social Services, Medical, Public Health, Education, Poor Laws


E:  Gas, Electricity, Water, Sewers, Police, Gaols, Housing and Burials

F:  Religion, General, Conformist, Non-Conformist and Roman Catholic


G: Local Administration, Manorial, Local Government and Solicitors


H:  Politics, Formal (MPs etc), Riots, Radicalism, Reformers


J:  Wars post-1538 to 1914, WW1, WW2

K:  Sciences, Astrology and local connections


L:  Artists and Architects with local connections


M:  Writers with local connections


N:  Entertainers, Musicians and Actors with local connections

O:  Notable Estates and Buildings with some Occupants’ information


P:  Recreation, Pubs, Sports, Tourism, Recreation Grounds


R:  Local General History and Information (Battle and East Sussex)

S: Local Family Histories

X: Miscellaneous Histories


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