Battle and District
                 Historical Society


Local General History (Battle and East Sussex)

1. Local People

1.1 Col. Charles H Lemmon, DSO – Author and Past President 1963-1973 of BDHS

1.2 Employment in Battle 1841-1911: A Preliminary assessment

2. Local Places

The Woodland trust have an excellent detailed report on the History of Brede High Woods.

The Keep website has a section which reviews the histories of local villages and parishes together with guides to access relevant archive material which appears to be gradually being added to. See

ESCC also have on-line tithe maps of the county. See

3. About Battle Abbey and around Battle and District

3.1 Battle History Walk (Can be printed off as a guide or see Geotourist App)

3.2 The Sword of Battle Abbey   Copy of an Article from Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 94th Session, 1873-74, Vol. X-Part II. A replica of the sword is now on display at the Abbey

The Making of the High Weald A link to a comprehensive overview of Wealden History and the story of the High Weald AONB

3.3 Markets and Bull-Baiting in Battle

3.4 Canadia

3.5 St Marys Croft

4. 1066

4.1 Some Books and LInks for the Norman Invasion and the Battle of Hastings

4.2a A Critique and Comparison of ‘Companion Rolls of the Conquest’, some known as ‘Battle Abbey Rolls’

Multiple ‘Rolls’ said to be the names of the followers of William the Conqueror are examined and commented on in this analytical paper. The data Appendixes used in this paper in Excel spreadsheet form (i.e. not pdf), are below as paper R4.2b.

4.2b Data underlying the ‘Companion Rolls of the Conquest’ – paper R4.2a

4.2c The Companion Roll of William of Worcester

4.2d Appendixes for paper R4.2c

5. Preludes to 1066 

5.1 Early Eastern Sussex to 410

5.2 Around Battle, but mainly Hastings from 900-1450

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