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Agriculture, Industries and Trades

In addition to the papers in this section, we provide some links to other sites of interest to Battle and District.

1. Agriculture

1.1 This is an interesting link to a paper about ‘ Medieval farming and flooding in the Brede valley’

 1.2 Here is a link to a review of farming in the Battle area: ‘Farming in Battle in and after the Second World War’  based on three articles about the life of Battle farmers in the twentieth century.

2. Brewing

2.1 Former Breweries of Battle District

3. Brickmaking and Tilemaking

4. Old Limeworks

Ashburnham Limeworks at Glaziers Forge, Burwash 

5. Ironmaking in the Weald

Jeremy Hodkinson talked to us in 2016 about ‘The Wealden Iron Industry in the Middle Ages’ and his talk is recorded in BDHS Journal 2016. Click on menu to the left to access.

In 2012 he had talked on ‘The Fuller Family and the Wealden Iron Industry’ and this is reported in the 2012 BDHS Journal

There is an in depth review of WIRG work at Robertsbridge where there is an area which contained a blast furnace and forge under extensive investigation. See:

6. Gypsum Mining

6.1 Gypsum

Also see: ‘Gypsum Extraction at Mountfield’

7. Gunpowder

7.1 Gunpowder at Battle, Sedlescombe and Brede

Also see:‘The Story of the Old Gunpowder Works at Battle’ by Herbert Blackman. This paper from the SAC Vol.64 pp109-122 (1923) remains relevant. Clicking the link will take you to its first page.

8. Banking

8.1 The Banks of Battle

9. Clock and Watch making

9.1 Battle’s Clock and Watchmakers

10. Salt Production

10.1 Historical Salt Production in East Sussex

11. Medieval Masons

11.1 Medieval Master Masons: a Battle connection

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