Battle and District
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Artists and Architects with local connections


Artists do not appear to have adopted the Battle area in great numbers. But six deserve some attention: James Inskipp, Hercules Brabazon Brabazon, Edward Patry, Herbert Arnould Olivier, Eileen Villiers-Stuart and Cecil Walter Bacon.
Sadly neither Samuel Hieronymous Grimm nor J M W Turner were of our area, although both left pictures of eastern Sussex

1.1 Six Artists of the Battle District

Architects and Landscape Architects

Again not many architects are associated with Battle and area.One who was is Frederick Thatcher who designed the unique Battle workhouse and went on to have an interesting career. The Landscape Architect ‘Capability Brown’ also did work locally at Ashburnham Park, advised at Brightling Place but probably did not have any influence over Battle Abbey park.

2.1 Launcelot ‘Capability’ Brown and his work around Battle

2.2 Frederick Thatcher


3.1 Clare Sheridan

An overview of the life of Clare Sheridan, sculptor, traveler and finally a nun

Clare Sheridan at the Keep  Clare Sheridan, the daughter of Moreton Frewen, from time to time lived at Brede Place. She led a varied and adventurous life. The link takes you to paper about her from ‘The Keep’

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