Battle and District
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Wars post-1538

1. Wars post-1538 to 1914

1.1 Battle at War (also covers post 1066 period, but mainly post 1538)

1.2 Battle in the English Civil War and Interregnum

2. Colonialism and Empire

2.1 The Hon. James Murray.pdf

3. WW1
Under this topic is George Kiloh’s very well researched and comprehensive book, published by the Society in 2015, ‘The Brave Remembered – Battle at War 1914-1919 (see Books and Arts on menu to left). This is too big a file to upload to this website, but the book can be purchased from the Society. He gave an introductory talk to the Society which is reported in BDHS Journal 2015 (click on menu to left to access)
He followed this up in March 2018 with the article J3.3 below. This gives as much relevant information as can be found on each man (and one woman) who died in service in the First World War.

3.1 Edmund Blunden, Frank Hoad and Frank Worley

3.2 Tom Vidler

3.3 World War I : Deaths associated with Battle and District

4. WW2

4.1 WW2 Civilian Deaths in and from the Battle District

4.2 Military Deaths from the Battle District 1939-45

4.3 The Secret Defenders of Bodiam and the Sussex Coast

4.4 Cripps Corner Tank Traps

4.5 A Whatlington Family in 1945

There is an interesting article ‘The Battle of Britain and Battle’ about the talk given to the Society by Andy Saunders in September 2010 in the 2011 edition of BDHSJ (click on menu to left to access)

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