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Transport : Water, Rail and Road plus Telecoms

1. Roads

Peter Miles has contributed an interesting paper on ‘The London Road’ with a focus on the A2100 between Battle and John’s Cross, with a background general history about turnpike roads and also some interesting information about the opening up of the gypsum mines at Mountfield.

1.1 The London Road by Peter Miles

And if you have ever wondered how Kane Hythe Road got is name we have tried to find out

1.2 How did Kane Hythe Road get its name?

1.3 Roads in the Battle District: An Introduction and an essay on Turnpikes 

The above includes as an attachment a very comprehensive article on ‘Turnpikes, Toll Gates and Toll Houses around Battle’ which was presented by member Mr E J Upton to the society in February 1971.

There is also an excellent article ‘Turnpikes to Battle and Hastings’ by Brian Austen, who previously co-authored papers on this subject with E J Upton. This can be found in Sussex Industrial History No.46 (2016) pp 26-42, to which we are not yet able to provide a link.

2. Water

A paper on usage of the Brede for commercial goods is in preparation.

There is a good article on this in the SIAS Newsletter 140 p12

3. Railways

Much is written about railways. We only go as far as an overview of the basic history of railway development servicing the area around Battle.

3.1 Railways and Battle District


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