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Pre-1538 Battle and Eastern Sussex, Abbots and early Kings

1. Timeline

1.1 A Timeline of dates of interest to Battle and eastern Sussex to 1538

2. Pre-1538 Eastern Sussex, People and Places

2.1 A history of Rameslie before 1066 – a Norman key to the kingdom of England?

2.2 Sons of Sussex and Wessex: Harold Godwinson and the Godwins 1001-1094

2.3 William the Bastard in Normandy c.1028 – 28 September 1066 and some English connections

2.4 How, when and where – William’s landing in 1066

2.5 The Rapes of Sussex, Hundreds of Hastings Rape and the People of the Rape of Hastings to 1538

Here we include a link to Jill Eddison’s 1998 paper which informs discussion in the above paper about potential landing sites to the east of Hastings

3. Abbots, Abbeys and Priories

3.1 Abbots of Battle 1070-1538

3.2 Where did the monks of Marmoutier first try to build Battle Abbey?

3.3 Early Religious Instututions of eastern Sussex

3.4 1493 Passport setting out the Liberties of Battle Abbey and Inhabitants of Battle

3.5 Not just Battle Abbey – Other religious houses of eastern Sussex to 1538

3.6 The Surrender of Battle Abbey

4. Early Kings and Eastern Sussex

4.1 410-900: Some early Kings, but who were the Hastingas?

4.2 Eastern Sussex from 900 to the death of Edward the Confessor in 1066

4.3 Did William the Conqueror ever revisit Battle or eastern Sussex?

4.4 1066-1272 Eastern Sussex under the Norman and Angevin kings of England

4.5 Kings Edward I and Edward II, Battle and eastern Sussex 1272-1327

4.6 Eastern Sussex 1327-1461, from Edward III to Henry VI’s deposition

4.7 Wars of the Roses backwater to the Dissolution of eastern Sussex’s Abbeys 1461-1538

5. Archaeology of the Area

This is generally beyond our expertise and members are referred to the Hastings Area Archaeology Group’s website. But we occasionally have a talk of interest and Casper Johnson’s talk reported in the BDHS Journal of 2016 is an overview of new information gained from the Combe Haven valley. Click on the menu to the left to get access to this.

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