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Published 2020

One group of Norman horsemen was so keen to chase the beaten foe in the twilight that they completely failed to see a large steep-sloped gulley into which they drove their horses. Not only were they in danger of death from the precipitous fall, but the English turned on them and many Normans were killed.


This came to be known as the Malfosse incident, but of course on that bloody evening no one made a note of where the bad or evil ditch – the ‘Mal fosse’ was. 


Neil explores the main options that have been proposed for its site and describes the six favoured events and locations around Battle. He leads the reader cum walker around the options with some panache, providing an interesting stand-alone circular walk, or one that can be followed tangentially to the 1066 Country Walk as a small circular detour.





Neil can be congratulated on updating the 1st Edition of this ‘guided walk’ book. He is a local historian living in Battle who has a deep interest in the history of Battle itself, and possibly an even deeper interest in military history. This makes him a fount of knowledge about the Battle of Hastings.

Our hope is that both visitor and resident will find much in this small book to stimulate their appreciation, both of the final events on that fateful date, 14th October 1066, and of the beautiful countryside which surrounds our town.

This circular walk lends itself equally as a complement to a tour of the battlefield, a diversion on the 1066 Walk or a stand-alone walk.

48 pages A5  ISBN 978-1-903009-05-6

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