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Published 2015


George researched and wrote this book in memory of those who fought, died and survived WWI.

It is focused on Battle but every town and village in the UK has a similar story to tell, the story of Battle is repeated all over the land. This book can be regarded as an exemplar study, compiled with great diligence and care.

George recognised that the local War Memorial was to some extent incomplete and also had some names which could not be immediately associated with Battle.

We praise those who died as heroes, whilst failing to give the same honour to the survivors. This superbly researched book corrects that fault and will be of great interest to many, locally and further afield.





Every year we celebrate with feeling those who died in the First World War, amongst other wars. We have only a list of names for that war. Very rarely do we know who these people were: where they lived, what they did for a living, who their families were. Rarely too do we even have an accurate list of them.


All those who returned many physically wounded, perhaps most of them scarred in other ways have now died too, We usually have no lists for them, let alone other information. Yet in the majority of cases whether a man lived or died was a matter of accident: their battalions, the actions involved, even the weather. They were just as brave, or not, as those who died.


This book attempts to identify all the men of Battle who played a role in the army, navy and fledgling air services of the Great War of 1914-18 and gives some background to those who fought, in particular to those who died or were wounded and gives some context for the actions in which they fought. It finds over 500 men from or strongly connected to Battle who went to war, 112 of whom died as a direct result. We should remember all of them.


246 pages Medium Octavo ISBN 978-1-903099-01-8


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