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Sedlescombe Village History    –   Prepared by Pauline Raymond

This collection features presentations prepared by Pauline Raymond which provide a fascinating insight into the history of Sedlescombe. Each heading in the list below links to the relevant presentation, or a visit to our online archive page will enable you to search the documents for key topics.

Iron and Charcoal Production

Sedlescombe’s involvement with iron and charcoal production up to and including 20th century.

Leather Production

Sedlescombe’s involvement with farming, the production of leather, shoes, and boots and Sedlescombe’s butchers and blacksmiths.


Gunpowder manufacture in Sedlescombe


A look at the buildings in Sedlescombe parish that date from the 14th-20th centuries, especially Listed Buildings and those in the Sedlescombe Conservation Area.

Century of Village Life

Partially based on a booklet named “A Century of Village Life” which was written to celebrate the centenary of Sedlescombe Parish Council (1894- 1994) and updated. Produced with the agreement of Sedlescombe Parish Council.

Competitions and awards

A series of photographs detailing Sedlescombe’s considerable success in winning competitions from 1927 when Sedlescombe was voted the “prettiest village in the Royal East Sussex Hospital area” to 2009 when Sedlescombe won the National “Village of the Year community award”. Produced with the agreement of Sedlescombe Parish Council.

Crime and Punishment

An historic collection of some Sedlescombe crimes and the punishments.

Employment in the 19th and 20th Centuries

A miscellaneous group of images about employment in Sedlescombe including domestic, gardening, agricultural work and hop production

Early Photographs and Postcards

19th century Penny Post, Postcards and Professional Photographers connected to Sedlescombe.


An account linked to Sedlescombe’s roads, including the turnpikes.


A look at some of the diseases that afflicted Sedlesecombe residents and some of the doctors that have served the Village with details of the old and new doctors’ surgeries.

1970s Parish News Compilation

A collection of photos relating to text from weekly Sedlescombe Parish News items published in the 1970s.

1980s Parish News Compilation

A collection of photos relating to text from weekly Sedlescombe Parish News items published in the 1980s.

Brede Lane

A compilation highlighting development of the Lane over the past 100 years from a quiet rural lane to one with considerable development.


The Brickwall from 1367.

Sedlescombe Pump

The story of the Pump and the Pumphouse on Sedlescombe Village Green including the pump’s installation in 1900 and its refurbishment in 2010.

Sedlescombe School

Various accounts of the school and those connected with it both from its beginnings in 1723 to the sale of the old school buildings for housing.

Coach and Horses/King’s Head

Tales and pictures relating to the old Coach and Horses public house.

Queen’s Head

Lots of photos and stories relating to the Queen’s Head from the 19th century to the geese.

Gregory’s the Bakers

An account of Gregory’s bakeries from 1896 when they were opposite the old school, the move to new premises in the early 20th century and later use for housing. Also, Gregory’s motor business.

Sedlescombe’s Grocers

Memories of those who provided food for the Village for decades from 1833. Many favourite views of the village.

Sedlescombe Post Office

A look at the place we call the Post Office from the time it was Archers the Snob.

Two Congregational Chapels

The interesting story of Mr Frederick Tuppenney and his involvement in building both chapels of the same denomination next door to each other in 1879 and 1892.

An Evening at the Sedlescombe Congregational Mission Chapel in 1881

An analysis of a Hastings & St Leonards newspaper report of an evening arranged by Mr Frederick Tuppenney at the Chapel in its very early years that included: tea, choirs, a magic lantern show, oranges.

The Old Chapel

History of the building currently called “The Old Chapel” from 1810 including agricultural wages, swing riots, William Cobbett in Battle, emigrating as a way out of poverty. Other uses of the Old Chapel.

Church and Churchyard

A mixed bag of items connected to Sedlescombe Parish Church and Churchyard including the 1868 enlargement, Rev. John Pratt the Tower and handbells, a marriage and an untimely end, death watch beetle, a coffee bar, the choir, churchyard cleaning and bulb planting.

Hercules Brabazon Brabazon of Oaklands Park Sedlescombe

An account with pictures of the life and times of 19th/early 20th century Sedlescombe artist Hercules Brabazon Brabazon of Oaklands Park, Sedlescombe and Brabazon Park, Co. Mayo, Ireland. Subjects included were HBB’s paintings.

Rudyard Kipling’s Connection with Sedlescombe

A brief account of the tie around 1900 when famous author Rudyard Kipling and his wife Carrie were interested in buying or leasing Sedlescombe’s Old Manor House.

World War I

This collection mainly features three young officers on the Sedlescombe War Memorial who lost their lives within nine days. Also includes the village’s contributing to the war effort.

World War II

Produced for the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, this is a collection of photos and accounts relevant to Sedlescombe in WWII.

Post World War II

Three Parish Magazines dating from a couple of years after the end of WWII give a glimpse into the difficulties of post war ties. Who, for instance, would set about following the national weekday hints that were included in the Sedlescombe magazines?

June 1947

September 1947

November 1947

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