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Second Edition 2021

Keith and Neil tell you the story of how 1066 came to be the best-remembered date in the English speaking world.

Written by two local historians who live in Battle, East Sussex, the scene of the Battle of Hastings, this book delves into the background stories and events of 1066. It subtly puts the fateful year into the context of the histories, places, people and politics involved in eastern Sussex, as well as further afield, across the English Channel and North Sea.

‘The best and most unbiased book about the Battle of Hastings out there’ (English Heritage staff at Battle Abbey)

‘An essential guide to the battle and beyond, ‘1066 and The Battle of Hastings’ is a national history book with an eastern Sussex heart.’ (British Association for Local History)


This book is the 2nd in the ‘Early History Trilogy of Battle and Eastern Sussex’. The second edition contains new insights into the main protagonists and improved images of the Bayeux Tapestry.


Many strands accumulated for many thousands of years to create the circumstances that led to the battle. But there are large numbers of confusing myths, fabrications and unproven or unprovable inventions of theories around the subject.

Keith and Neil have gone back to basics, with local geographic and English cultural histories, portrayals of the main events, and histories of the main protagonists – Harold Godwinson and William II of Normandy – and their families, they have put together a book of interlocking essays. These tell the history of 1066 as accurately but briefly, and above all as enjoyably as possible. Where alternative explanations or doubts arise they discuss these logically and candidly, and raise the odd question.

Keith Foord and Neil Clephane-Cameron were advised by historians Prof. David Bates and Prof. John Gillingham, but the words of the book are all theirs!

·       232 pages Metric Crown Quarto ISBN 978-1-903099-09-4


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